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Arizona football countdown: 41 days, and a 41-yard Jared Baker receiving touchdown

The bright spot of the USC game

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Last year's USC game is probably one that most Arizona Wildcats fans want to forget, but there was certainly a bright spot.

Jared Baker was forced to take over at running back, and he made the most of it, scoring three touchdowns, including a great 41-yard reception on a wheel route.

This game gives me hope that Arizona has real depth at running back again this year. Nick Wilson's injury history is well-documented, and there may come a time during Arizona's 12 games in 12 weeks schedule that Jared Baker will have to take over the workload.

Baker also impressed during the Spring Game, putting up two hard-fought touchdowns that night. He showed that he not only has great ability in the open field, but also proved that he can flat-out run over dudes if he needs to.

For right now, this is the highlight of Baker's collegiate career. But if I had to guess, he will do a couple things this year that will top it.