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Arizona football countdown: 33 days, Scooby Wright looks to build on his terrific 2014 season

With 33 days left until the season, we take a look at Arizona's current No. 33, Scooby Wright, and the strange situation he finds himself in this season.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Scooby Wright's entire ethos is built upon disrespect. Wright is famously bitter that Cal coaches told him to consider Sacramento State when he was looking to play college football, and just about every national article about Scooby mentions how other major conference schools whiffed on his recruitment. Wright uses that disrespect to motivate himself and prove those doubters wrong. His screen name on Twitter is even @TwoStarScoob, a shot at the recruiting services that didn't give him the credit he deserved.

So it has to be strange for Wright to enter 2015 with very few doubters and a tremendous amount of credit. Wright won a boatload of postseason awards last season, is being named to awards watch lists and preseason all-conference teams, and is even getting some buzz as a potential first round pick in the NFL draft. This is the exact sort of respect and recognition Scooby wasn't getting. Without that disrespect - the fuel that he used to surpass all expectations at Arizona - will Scooby Wright still possess the same level of motivation in 2015?

Well, yes. Wright isn't even comfortable with the amount of recognition he's receiving - he asked Rich Rodriguez not to post his picture on the wall with Arizona's other All-Americans until after he leaves the school - and Scooby is working as hard as ever to improve his game. Scooby may have proven some of the doubters wrong, but that doesn't mean he's going to slow down or stop working as hard in 2015.