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Arizona football countdown: 21 days, an ode to Tra'Mayne Bondurant

This may get weird

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I knew I wanted to write about Tra'Mayne Bondurant on this day for weeks now, but everyone and their mom started writing about him earlier this week, so I'm gonna go in a different direction.

Here is an ode to Arizona's best defensive playmaker, in haiku form:

You came in our lives

In two thousand eleven

And started six games

You started off fast

A pick six against the Buffs

That was just the start

Then you moved to spur

When the 3-3-5 came in

That was all she wrote

Wreaking havoc back

Behind the line of scrimmage

And also two picks

Twenty thirteen came

And so did two more touchdowns

Two sacks plus four picks

Last year's camp started

And there was no sign of you

At practice that day

RichRod said you left

The defense was in trouble

Without its Tra'Mayne

The very next day

You were out walking the stairs

With a weight vest on

Everyone let out

A sigh of relief that day

We had Tra'Mayne back

But it wasn't all

Roses and lollipops then

The damage was done

The first few games back

You barely saw the field

And it hurt the D

Then the Cal game came

And there was our man Tra'Mayne

Picking off the Goff

From that point forward

The defense was making plays

Because of "Bang Bang"

You forced five fumbles

You had two interceptions

And scored two touchdowns

Imagine how much

Worse the defense would have been

If you really left

Thank you for staying

Hope you enjoy fatherhood

Wishing you the best