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Arizona football: Three and Out with Parker Zellers

Let's talk non-football things!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One of the surprises last year was the emergence of Parker Zellers at nose tackle for the Arizona Wildcats. While he's not your typically enormous nose tackle, he still gets the job done despite being listed at 6-1.

Let's find out how he gets the job done as a small guy, and learn a little bit about him off the field


How do you use your height as an advantage?

Zellers: It depends. When you look at someone like Cayman (Bundage), he probably only has a couple inches on me, so it's about the same height-wise. But when you see bigger, taller centers, like I remember last year, USC's center used to play tackle, so he was a little bit taller and that becomes an advantage for me because he can't get under me. It's easy for me to get under him.


What's your favorite place to eat in Tucson?

My go-to if I'm hungry and need a good, full meal is probably Brushfire BBQ. You get your meat, your sandwich, your potatoes, green beans, macaroni, all that. That's usually my go-to.

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Favorite movie?

I don't have a specific favorite movie, but one movie I just saw that was actually phenomenal was Blow with Johnny Depp. I watched that the other day and that was a pretty good movie.

And out:

Favorite music before a game?

Anything just to hype me up, just to get me going. It's a lot of mentality, so anything to help me get my mentality right we'll be good to go.