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Arizona football: Tyrell Johnson's injury opens door for Johnny Jackson at wide receiver

An old face is getting some solid work in at wide receiver

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

For more than a year, Johnny Jackson has been trying to work himself into the rotation in the secondary for the Arizona Wildcats. He was kind of shuffled out of the receiver group with additions like Cayleb Jones, Samajie Grant, Nate Phillips and more.

But now that the fastest guy on the team, Tyrell Johnson, seems to be dealing with a rather serious foot injury, Jackson is getting some run at receiver again.

That takes out one of RichRod's multi-threats, as Johnson can not only play well in the slot, but could be a threat to run a sweep, or straight up play out of the backfield.

Johnny Jackson has a lot of his own speed as well, which is showcased when he's used in the return game. He didn't get any returns last year (because of Tyrell Johnson and DaVonte' Neal), but does have ten career kick returns and 13 career punt returns.

Now a redshirt senior, he has another opportunity to see the field, and seems to be taking advantage of it.

If you don't believe it, see for yourself a nice play by Johnny at the 50 second mark of this video:

While it seems like Tyrell Johnson being out would be a huge blow, maybe Johnny Jackson will be back in our lives and making things alright.