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Arizona football countdown: 32 days, the number of receiving touchdowns Juron Criner snagged at Arizona

We take a look back at Juron Criner, one of the best receivers in Arizona history.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Arizona is currently loaded with wide receiver talent. From Samajie Grant and Nate Phillips to Cayleb Jones and Trey Griffey, the wide receiving corps is stacked. But while the receiving corps is as deep and talented as it's ever been, I don't know if any of those players, individually, could match up to Juron Criner.

Criner was absolutely electrifying at Arizona. He had an incredible chemistry with Nick Foles and made ridiculous catches on a regular basis. Foles could often just throw the ball up and trust that Criner - and only Criner - could get to the ball.

And Criner was able to do that all the time. Check out this amazing catch against Arizona State:

Criner had the ability to go up and get just about any ball thrown his way. And though his career at Arizona ended on a somewhat disappointing note (Arizona's 4-8 record in 2011), he should be recognized as one of the best receivers in Arizona history.

Criner is going to fight for a roster spot with the New York Giants this season, and he hasn't had a lot of professional success. But he was absolutely great in college. We can only hope that this season one of Arizona's receivers - Cayleb Jones, maybe - can step up and become the same sort of playmaker Criner was.