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Arizona football: Trey Griffey doing everything he can to help the Wildcats

There's a little more to Trey Griffey's game than just being a receiver

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Trey Griffey is known for a few things. Being Ken Griffey Jr.'s son is probably the main one. At the end of 2013 and last year, he became a more well-known receiver for the Arizona Wildcats as well.

But he's also contributing on special teams.

"I'm just doing whatever I can to help out the team," he said.

Last season, Griffey made seven solo tackles (nine total) while getting playing time on both kick return and punt return.

The return game for Arizona has been sort of spotty in both directions, but Griffey thinks it will be a different story this year.

"It's just intensity," he explained. "That's what we're keying on this year, as far as doing what we need to do to get our work done quick. As far as what we were doing last year, we weren't really getting off the ball and blocking. Really just keeping the players from getting down the field, and that hurt us in the long run."

If the Wildcats can get better blocking on those returns, all of the sudden this team might be able to put up a ridiculous amount of points with better field position, or even return touchdowns.

"We've got some great returners," Griffey continued. "You saw DaVonte' (Neal) take the ball back last year for a touchdown, so it's there. It's just as far as putting everything together."

The depth throughout the team this year is probably the best it has been in the Rich Rodriguez era, so getting more talented guys on special teams might also help out that area. But if you're going up against a guy like Trey Griffey on a punt return, and he's just coming off a slick touchdown grab or something, you may be wondering what's going on.