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Arizona football: Wildcats TE Trevor Wood to miss time with injury

A potential blow to the presumed tight end game

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There's been a lot of talk about the Arizona Wildcats using tight end, but after Saturday's scrimmage and Sunday's injury news, that may be more talk than actual action.

Sunday's injury news was that sophomore Trevor Wood is likely to miss a chunk of time to start the season.

"Trevor Wood would have (played at tight end), but he's banged up," Rich Rodriguez told me on Sunday. "We don't know what Trevor's status is."

Wood has missed a pretty good chunk of fall camp already with whatever this injury is, which has allowed Matt Morin to work on his game a little more than he would have before.

"It's been different because I work more with the second team and stuff," Morin explained. "But it's a bummer that it happened because Trevor's a great tight end. He's a great blocker, can run routes and it's sad to see he has an injury right now and I hope he gets back soon. But I have to come out and prepare every day and fill the role that he had, so it's just I'm more prepared for games and practice."

This is the second Wood brother to go down with an injury this camp. Carter Wood was shut down due to a chronic foot injury, which shook up the position battle at center.

A month ago, it looked like we might get two Woods out there on the line of scrimmage. Now it looks like we may not get either.