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Arizona football countdown: 9 days, the number of receiving TDs for Cayleb Jones in 2014

Should we expect double digits this year?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached single digits in our countdown to Arizona Wildcats football!

Last season, Texas transfer Cayleb Jones made a huge splash at receiver, catching nine TDs in his first full season of action in college as a redshirt sophomore.

"I was very fresh out there and I didn't know what to expect," Jones said of his first season.

But is it fair to wonder if there could have been more?

Jones was dealing with a broken hand towards the end of the season, which hurt his production, along with Anu Solomon's ankle injury.

"People didn't know, but it doesn't matter," the receiver explained about his injury. "Football comes with injuries, and I struggled a little bit with it, but I'm good now."

Even with that, his nine touchdowns were just two shy of the school's single season record of 11, which was done twice by Juron Criner, as well as Austin Hill, Mike Thomas, and Theopolis Bell.

Jones is much bigger and stronger this season, and has shown his improved physicality several times throughout camp, coming up with amazing catches over corners and getting big plays down the sidelines.

"I played at 208 last year and I'm 220 right now," Jones said before camp started. "Last year I was still dealing with my hand and stuff, so I didn't really get to lift throughout the summer. So really just tried to trim down and bulk up in a good way."

What seems even more amazing about his nine touchdowns is that he's just two shy of cracking the top 13 in career TD receptions at Arizona. If he puts up another nine this year, he jumps up to seventh by himself on the list, with the potential of another year in 2016.

With so many receivers, it seems kind of crazy to predict a guy will finish with double digit scores, but if there's someone who can do that this year at Arizona, it's Cayleb Jones. And he could vault himself into the conversation as one of the best receivers this school has ever seen.