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Arizona football: Paul Magloire has used versatility, instincts to help adjust to Pac-12 speed

Paul Magloire is a newcomer who could be Arizona's big time playmaker on defense this season

Paul Magloire came into Arizona with an OKG mindset. Entering this past spring, he adjusted to the Pac-12 game and learned his new responsibilities for him to contribute immediately on defense.

This summer, he's been hitting the weight room and it's paying dividends, breaking the defense back bench press record, then breaking his own record days later.

"Just working out pretty hard and getting bigger a little bit faster, a little bit stronger and it's been pretty good," he said about his summer.

"Not even close," Magloire said when asked about his strength now as compared to the spring. "You talk about a big time program with big time facilities and strength coaches. You getting pushed and you're going to learn. Definitely feel a lot stronger. I feel a lot faster to the ball, a lot stronger getting off the blocks. Everything in there translates to the field."

Going from junior college to Pac-12 definitely has a learning curve, but it's not just the speed of the Pac-12, but Rich Rod's tempo as well.

"I noticed that the speed of the game is definitely faster," he explained. "The coaches want a lot more out of us now than they did back in junior college. Being here they want us to run to the ball. Everyone has to get to the ball even if the ball is on the opposite side of the field and getting tackled, you need to run to the ball because you never know what's going to happen."

"It's fast and you're talking about getting winded. As soon as that ball gets spotted you're running a new play just like that and it's tough but it's good to play that type of offense because come season time we're not going to be playing teams that really run that fast. So it gets you conditioned and mentally ready."

With a 6-2, 210lb frame, he's built like a linebacker, but has the versatility of a defensive back. Since he's arrived, he's been playing at a few different spots.

"Right now I'm pretty comfortable. I was playing bandit in the spring and I started playing bandit at the beginning of the fall and starting to get it down pat. Then I switched to spur and I knew both and now I can change between either," when asked about his role. "I just have to be ready to get put in wherever they need to contribute."

Magloire is an all-around safety, but when he watches the film, he excels in quite a few areas, while still trying to improve some areas.

"One thing that's good for me is that I run to the football and I'm a good tackler. If the ball is around me I'm going to make sure that I make that tackle. There's always those spots you can improve. Even if I think I'm a great tackler, I can get better. If I think I'm good in coverage then I become great," he added.

Paul has come a long way to get to Arizona, going from Milford Prep, Appalachian State, and Arizona Western College before heading to Tucson.

"It's definitely good, even better knowing I chose the right school and didn't mess up at all. I knew coming in that this was the school for me. Just friendly people, college town and a respected football program," when asked about how it felt to finally call Arizona his home.

Throughout his different schools, Magloire has played different positions as well. First a quarterback, then running back, and then over to safety.

"I always played safety, it wasn't like it was my first time. But football is football, especially like pop warner. You always just play all over, when you're not on offense you're on defense and the other way around. It's not like I was full-time quarterback. Football has always been around my life, but playing it at a collegiate level, it's a lot more demanding."

It wasn't until Arizona Western when he finally turned into a full-time safety. Once he made the switch, his name started buzzing across the country, gaining attention from power five conferences and picking up offers.

"My coach [at Arizona Western], Coach Minnick said 'I think you would make a really good safety,' and he was like 'I think you'd be a better safety than an offensive player.' So I gave it a try and school started and everyone was calling me up asking about my size and everything like that and it all went from there, now I'm at Arizona," he said about his position change.

Rich Rod hit the whip and nae nae this summer with the gymnastics team, but no one seemed to be talking about the two players included in the video, one of which being Paul.

"It was actually just him asking a whole bunch of people," he said when asked how he got chosen for the video. "All of a sudden me and Demetrius (Flannigan-Fowles) were like why not? We were just in the locker room and I was like alright I'll do it. Next thing you know we're out there and a few hours later ESPN is blowing up and we're like oh dang."

Paul was also a pretty big fan of the yoga session.

"It's good, definitely something we should keep doing and I think we are going to be doing. I felt the difference and you're able to reflect on everything and it's pretty cool, I like that," he said.

"Yeah I did actually," he said when asked if he felt it help on the field. "You might feel a little sore but it's a good sore. Those small little muscles you didn't know was there but it's a good sore."

Paul enjoys outings to Frog and Firkin, as well as Flemming's, where he went on his official visit, and takes many recruits when hosting. His emoji game is pretty strong, and his favorite emoji is the monkey that covers his mouth. "Like you can use it and be playful with it and it's a funny emoji to use so that one right there," he explained.

With Paul's size, instinct and versatility, Magloire has the ability to be one of the most dependable playmakers on the defense this season.