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Arizona football: Trey Griffey is out for "a couple weeks" with a sprained foot

An injury will force Trey Griffey to miss the start of the season. Expect David Richards to start in his place.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The injuries have already started for the Arizona Wildcats. Linebacker Cody Ippolito tore his ACL and will miss the entire season, and Trey Griffey has a foot sprain that will keep him out for "a couple weeks," Rich Rodriguez announced at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

Thankfully, the Wildcats have more than enough options to replace Griffey for the time being.

The two-deep depth chart was published, and if that's truly how the depth chart currently looks, then you can expect redshirt senior David Richards to take Griffey's spot in the starting lineup. Redshirt freshman Tony Ellison is listed as the fourth outside receiver (behind Cayleb Jones, Griffey, and Richards), and so he'll presumably be the backup for both Richards and Jones.

Since the Wildcats do not have a bye week this year, I would assume that Griffey will not be rushed back for any of the first three games. Arizona doesn't need him to win those games, and resting his foot would be the better option, in my opinion. Plus, it'll give some of the younger receivers a chance to play -- like true freshman Shun Brown, perhaps.

That being said, hopefully Griffey has a complete and speedy recovery and is good to go when the schedule starts getting tough.