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Arizona football countdown: 5 days, the number of games Jerrard Randall played in 2014

Arizona's backup QB is more prepared this season

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jerrard Randall got his moment of glory at the end of the Pac-12 Championship Game, taking the ball 25 yards to the house for his first career touchdown.

Unfortunately, that just made the final score 51-13 instead of 51-7.

That was only one of five games that last year's third-string quarterback appeared in. He finished as the fourth-leading rusher on the team (104 yards), but failed to complete any of his three passes against the Ducks, which were his only pass attempts of the season.

Now entering the 2015 season as the backup, he's more prepared.

"It's my last year, and I'm trying to go at it like it's my last day every day," he told me at the beginning of fall camp. "I'm pretty locked in, pretty focused. I know all the plays, I know all my reads, and I know what I want to do with the ball in both presnap and postsnap."

Randall didn't look particularly great going up against the first team defense in the scrimmage that closed out fall camp, but I think part of that had to do with playing with the second string offensive line going up against Arizona's starting defensive line.

With a receiving group that is largely made up of returners, there's more of a bond with the quarterbacks and the receivers.

"Last year, I was tensed up and sort of scared to get in," Randall explained. "I didn't want Coach Rod to yell at me, but I kind of got used to it. Me and Anu (Solomon) did a lot of summer throwing to get the guys ready....and it's more of a bond. Me and Anu are pretty close, and we always get those guys together and get 'em out there."

That bond will be important for Randall to continue to develop, and if he does need to get in the game, you know that Anu and the receivers will have his back.