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Arizona football countdown: 4 days, it's David Richards' time to shine

Time for the fifth-year senior to put up some big numbers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the Arizona Wildcats receivers, there's one name that rarely gets mentioned with the rest, and that name is David Richards.

Richards, who is now a fifth-year senior, often goes overlooked. He's never been the best big receiver (Austin Hill and now Cayleb Jones were that), and now Trey Griffey is challenging him as well.

But with Griffey out for at least the UTSA game, this could be Richards' time to shine.

Every team this year is going to try their hardest to put their best corner on Cayleb Jones. That's no secret. Jones is crazy athletic, and is even stronger this year, and has better fundamentals when it comes to route running and getting open.

This opens up the other side of the field a little bit, which is where Richards will find himself more often than not. So far in his three years, he has played in 35 games and started 13, but only has 67 catches, and his 298 yards his freshman year were the most he's had in a single season.

I think this year that changes. Richards has gotten much better, and with the benefit of more playing time, plus having huge threats all over the rest of the field (Samajie Grant and Nate Phillips taking up the slot), the senior should see the ball come his way a lot more than in the past.

Hopefully Richards gets sent off with some big numbers to thank him for his five years, and being one of the last Stoops guys on campus.