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Arizona football countdown: 3 days, Cam Denson will still be a major contributor

Don't worry, Denson will still get major playing time

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When the Arizona Wildcats released their depth chart for the season opener against the Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners, the main thing everyone focused on was the fact that true freshman Sammy Morrison is listed as the starter at left corner over sophomore Cam Denson.

In that press conference, Rich Rodriguez said that the two probably should have been listed as co-starters, and that Denson will still get plenty of playing time.

Having depth at corner is going to be extremely important for Arizona this year, and every year moving forward, since the Pac-12 is loaded with pass-heavy, no-huddle offenses. And if what we found out from Underdog Dynasty is true, UTSA will be bringing that to the table this year as well.

"We're all kind of interchangeable," Morrison told me last week. "I'm learning a lot from them every single day, and there's not really that big of a difference."

The fact that Morrison was named a starter doesn't mean that Denson's going to be riding the bench. I would imagine that the two will get a similar number of snaps, especially early in the year, as Jeff Casteel will be looking to keep the defense as fresh as possible. And with actual depth at corner, unlike last year, there's no reason to not rotate those guys in and out on a regular basis.

Also, I don't know if this means anything, but after practice on Sunday, Denson was running routes and catching passes from the quarterbacks. Is there a possibility of seeing him line up in the slot, especially with Tyrell Johnson out and Shun Brown a little banged up?

We'll see, but the star athlete from Salpointe will still do plenty of contributing this year, starter or not.