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Arizona football: Wildcats' roster has some new faces and surprises

A list of all the new guys entering the program

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The official Arizona football roster is out and there quite a few new guys on the roster. Here's a list of all of the newcomers to the program.

Running Backs

Orlando Bradford, 5-8 202lbs, freshman

Weston Barlow, 5-8 176lbs, freshman

Brandon Leon, 5-8, 190lbs, freshman

Wide Receiver

Shun Brown, 5-8 167lbs, freshman

Jordan Morgan, 6-1 226lbs, freshman

Mo Mohamed, 6-0 192lbs, freshman

Cedric Peterson, 5-11 192lbs, freshman

Tight End

Matt Morin, 6-2 239lbs, junior

Darrell Cloy Jr., 6-2 255lbs, freshman

Brion Anduze, 6-3 227lbs, freshman


Paul Magloire Jr., 6-1, 210lbs, redshirt junior

Anthony Mariscal, 5-10 189lbs, freshman

Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles, 6-2 182lbs, freshman

Nick Fadelli, 5-9 188lbs, freshman


Devon Brewer, 5-10 169lbs, freshman

Sammy Morrison, 5-9 166lbs, freshman

Jace Whittaker, 5-10 163lbs, freshman

Malik Moody, 5-9 175lbs, freshman

Dane Cruikshank, 6-1 191lbs, junior

Offensive Line

Nathan Eldridge, 6-3 279lbs, freshman

Alex Kosinski, 6-4 278lbs, freshman

Cody Creason, 6-4 283lbs, freshman

Christian Lopez, 6-2 270lbs, freshman

David Catalano, 6-2 286lbs, redshirt senior

Defensive Line

Anthony Fotu, 6-2 274lbs, junior

Finton Connolly, 6-5 251lbs, freshman

Sharif Williams, 6-2, 315lbs, freshman

Justin Belknap, 6-2 242lbs, freshman

Timmy Hamilton II, 6-2 258lbs, junior


Matthew Stagg, 6-2 226lbs, redshirt junior

Kendal Franklin, 6-1 228lbs, freshman


Ollie Graybar, 5-9 215lbs, kicker/punter

There are a few new guys on this list who weren't expected, such as Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles and Matthew Stagg. Stagg is a transfer from Georgia, who can hopefully contribute one way or another.

There are also a few names that have been left off the roster for the time being:

Antonio Parks, 5-10 175lbs, corner - greyshirt

Keenan Walker, 6-6 280lbs, offensive tackle - greyshirt

Harper Sherman, 6-5 260lbs, offensive tackle - greyshirt

Jamie Nunley, 6-5 210lbs, tight end - greyshirt

Darrell Clark, 5-10 175lbs, receiver - enrolled according to 247Sports

John Kenny, 6-2 243lbs, linebacker (Iowa transfer) - In Tucson as a walk-on, has to sit out 2015 anyway