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Arizona football: Odds on the Wildcats winning the Pac-12 and National Championships

Are you putting money down on Arizona?

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With college football right around the corner, there are some updated odds from Bovada with regards to the Arizona Wildcats and their championship aspirations.

The oddsmakers list Arizona as 150/1 to win the National Championship, and sit at 20/1 to win the Pac-12.

Here's a complete look at the Pac-12 Championship odds:

USC 2/1
Oregon 12/5
Stanford 7/2
UCLA 7/2
Arizona State 9/1
Arizona 20/1
Utah 33/1
California 40/1
Colorado 200/1
Oregon State 33/1
Washington 200/1
Washington State 200/1

Among the schools Arizona sits at 150/1 with to win the National Championship include: Boise State, Louisville, Miami, Missouri, and South Carolina. Personally, I never thought I'd see the day where Arizona and Miami had the same shot at a national championship entering the season.

The favorites to win the national title are Ohio State, who sit at 11/4. Right behind them are Alabama and TCU (7/1), Auburn (9/1) and USC (16/1)

Who are you putting your money on?