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Arizona football: David Richards has a 'blast' at Pac-12 Media Days

A nice little trip for the fifth year senior

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The days of the players from the pre-Rich Rodriguez era have almost come to a close. Two of the most notable names that have been on the Arizona Wildcats for five years now are Reggie Gilbert and David Richards, and Richards found himself on a nice little trip to L.A. last week for Pac-12 Media Days.

"Oh man it was a blast," Richards said on Wednesday. "Just going out there to L.A., having fun with RichRod and Will (Parks). It was a blast."

The redshirt senior receiver is from Palmdale, which is just north of Los Angeles, so it was more than just a team trip for him as well.

"My favorite part was just being able to get to relax and to hang out with my mom," he explained. "My aunties and uncles were able to go out there and I was able to go out to dinner with them. It was pretty cool."

While Richards may get overlooked in the receiving corps a little bit, his 67 career catches shouldn't be something taken for granted, nor his commitment to the program, and being a part of the revitalization of Arizona football. And it felt like a nice reward for that commitment to excellence to send him on this trip.

"It was a definitely a reward," he joked about the trip. "I definitely had a great time out there."

As a guy who's been here for five years now, Richards has seen a wide range of quarterback play, but Wednesday's practice may have been some of the best he's witnessed at a first practice in fall camp.

"Anu (Solomon) was looking great out there today," the receiver continued. "He definitely took what he worked hard for in the summer and brought it out here to the first day of camp."

"Last year, it kind of took us a while to get into a rhythm, even into the first game, so us being in rhythm from the first practice is definitely a plus."

While Richards may have gotten the reward of a trip to L.A. for his fifth year, maybe the extra chemistry with the quarterbacks will bring him an even bigger reward at the end of the season, a conference championship.