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Arizona football: Over/under season totals

Just some numbers to think about heading into the season...

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

What are some of these numbers that you like/don't like?


Over/Under: 4,000 Anu Solomon passing yards

Over/Under: 30 Anu Solomon passing touchdowns

Over/Under: 11 Anu Solomon interceptions

Over/Under: 6 rushing touchdowns

Running Backs

Over/Under: 1,400 Nick Wilson rushing yards

Over'Under: 18 Nick Wilson rushing touchdowns

Over/Under: 500 Jared Baker rushing yards

Over/Under: 1 Orlando Bradford rushing attempt


Over/Under: 2 receivers with 1,000+ yards

Over/Under: 8 receivers with receptions

Over/Under: 8 Samajie Grant touchdowns

Over/Under: 800 Samajie Grant receiving yards

Over/Under: 1,200 Cayleb Jones receiving yards

Over/Under: 12 Cayleb Jones receiving touchdowns

Tight Ends

Over/Under: 45 receptions

Over/Under: 6 receiving touchdowns


Over/Under: 15 Scooby Wright III sacks

Over/Under: 150 Scooby Wright III total tackles

Over/Under: 15 interceptions

Over/Under: 15 forced fumbles

Over/Under: 1 defensive player with 100+ tackles

Special Teams

Over/Under: 1 fake field goal attempt

Over/Under: 1 blocked field goal

Over/Under: 2 kick returns for touchdowns

Over/Under: 2 punt returns for touchdowns