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Arizona football countdown: 2 days, the Wildcats struggled in second quarters in 2014

Time to step up that second quarter performance

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

When looking back at the 10-4 season the Arizona Wildcats had last season, they dominated many statistical categories, which offers some more hope for those of us that believe those "lucky" moments weren't the defining moments.

One thing that really stands out to me at least is the horrible performance in the second quarters compared to all others.

Arizona outscored opponents by a combined score of 483-395 in 2014, and in the first, third and fourth quarters, outscored opponents by a combined 122 points, including a +57 point differential in the fourth quarter.

But then there's that pesky second quarter. Oh that pesky second quarter.

Opponents outscored the Wildcats 140-106 in the second stanza. That's more than 40 points higher than any other quarter allowed by Arizona (96 in 3rd Qs). I'm not entirely sure what to attribute to this, but I would think it has to deal with when the offense came out struggling, and the defense would tire out (see Oregon and Boise State) as halftime approached.

If the Wildcats offense can come out of the tunnel firing on all cylinders, there's the chance that Arizona can dominate opponents throughout the year. If there aren't bad second quarters thrown in last year, who knows how that season ends up. Maybe the key to everything lies in the second quarter.