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AZDS Tuesday Twitterbag: Talking Thursday's Arizona/UTSA game and more

You've got Q's, we've got A's

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

I think we're already for some Arizona Wildcats football to finally get rolling. So let's get to these questions you all had, and that'll bring us that much closer to kick off.

Ooohhh, so many choices. But I am going to go with a 24-yard TD pass to Samajie Grant as the first score of the Arizona season.

I think the obvious one here is Sammy Morrison and DaVonte' Neal against whoever lines up across from them on that particular play. UTSA's receivers are pretty good, so that will at least give the newcomers at corner a legitimate test the first time out. On the other side of the ball, I'm curious to see what the interior portion of the offensive line looks like, particularly Cayman Bundage and Zach Hemmila. If UTSA can get some pressure up the middle on Anu Solomon and effectively stop the run, then there's definitely issues there that need to be watched moving forward.

Barring any unforeseen drop off from Scooby, he'll have the option of either leaving early and being a first round pick, or staying around for 2016, which is realistically going to be a better team than this year. From what I can tell, he loves college, and I don't think there's a huge need there to go get money as soon as he can, so who knows what could happen. If I were him, I would leave, just because you never know with injuries in football. I also think Cayleb Jones would leave early if he has a big year this year.

I hate the uniforms, and I am not here to give them any more publicity or lose money on them. Especially lose money on them.

If Arizona is up four touchdowns with five minutes left, sure, anything could happen. Hell, Connor Brewer played in the opener last year. But I'm not sure that RichRod would run him out there after just a week and a half on that side of the ball in a high-leverage situation.

I think a team like UCLA is the biggest challenge defensively. They have so many talented defensive backs on that team that Ishmael Adams was going to be a nickle option before he got arrested. Not to mention Arizona only put up seven points on them last year. Offensively, this year at least, is probably USC. Cody Kessler is the most proven QB that the Wildcats will face this year, and he's got plenty of talent around him. The question is if they can overcome Seven-win-Sark.