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Arizona vs. Nevada: Three Keys to a Wildcats victory

How can the Wildcats escape Gilligan's Island with a win?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As I learned the hard way this week, there doesn't seem to be a ton of famous people from the city of Reno, Nevada, the Biggest Little City in the World.

But I think we can all agree that Gilligan's Island is a well-known thing, and Mary Ann in that show was played by Dawn Wells, who went to Reno High! She made a lot of cameos on TV shows after her days of being stranded on an island with Ginger and the crew.

So here is a Gilligan's Island-themed Three Keys to an Arizona Wildcats win over the Nevada Wolf Pack this weekend.

1. Haden Gilligan

Alright, so his name is actually Haden Gregory, but as Scooby Wright's replacement, he is certainly sitting in the captain's seat for at least the next couple weeks. Whether or not he's entrusted with the actual defensive calls like Scooby has been is unknown, if not unlikely at this point. But Gregory will need to be effective in the middle of the defense, as Nevada's running game is most definitely its strong suit. He'll likely be forced into making plays in the open field on Don Jackson and possibly covering Jarred Gipson over the middle.

2. The Professor

Is most definitely Anu Solomon when you're talking about Arizona's offense, and he'll need to have that razor-sharp focus throughout the game. As we've explored this team, we've found that their defensive ends are something to be feared. Solomon will need to quickly read where they are, and whether or not he hands off, makes a quick, short pass, or takes off and picks up some of his own rushing yards.

3. Ginger

On the flip side, Nevada quarterback Tyler Stewart is pretty elusive, and a couple gingers (at least I'm pretty sure they both have red hair) on the defensive line, Luca Bruno and Parker Zellers, will need to help contain both Stewart and Jackson. Bruno more so with Stewart, trying to keep the quarterback in the pocket and force him to make some throws. Zellers, as well as Sani Fuimaono (not a ginger), and even Jeff Worthy (also not a ginger), will need to make some plays in the run game, something they didn't do much of against UTSA.