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Perfect Combinations: Anu Solomon and Nick Wilson

The perfect combo for Rich Rodriguez' offense at Arizona

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

When the 2014 season started, I think a lot of people were skeptical of an offense run by a redshirt freshman, with a true freshman by his side carrying the ball. But here we are 16 games later, and Anu Solomon and Nick Wilson have proven to be a great combination in Arizona's backfield.

Having a passing threat like Solomon and a running threat like Wilson is surely what opposing defensive coordinators lose sleep over during Arizona week.

This year, the two have shown that there's definitely a higher ceiling for this offense as opposed to last. Nick Wilson looks stronger and faster than last year, and he's certainly not afraid to run a guy over when it comes to it. Then there's Anu, who looks so much more athletic on his feet this year, and has shown flashes of a stronger arm.

Sure, he's missed on a couple of long passes, and the naysayers have definitely honed in on those overthrows. But when you look at Solomon's numbers, he's been one of the most efficient, accurate quarterbacks in the nation through two weeks.

Both players got better in week two compared to week one. Solomon's completion percentage went from 61% to 72%. His passing yards went from 226 to 264. And he went from finding seven different receivers to connecting with nine separate guys. Wilson of course went from 97 yards to 194 on one less carry, and went from zero touchdowns to three.

So far, Solomon is the 33rd most efficient quarterback in the country, and his six touchdowns are fifth. Wilson is sixth in rushing yards nationally, and 21st in TDs.

Any way you slice it, the pair of sophomores in Arizona's backfield are just what Rich Rodriguez ordered up, and exactly what this school needs to possibly vault into the upper echelon of football programs.