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NAU vs. Arizona: The Wildcats will wear white helmets, red jerseys, and white pants against the Lumberjacks

We'll see the white helmets for the first time this year

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The last time the Arizona Wildcats took on the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks, Arizona wore the infamous copper helmets. That will not be the case this time as the Wildcats' white helmets will make their first appearance of the season. They will be paired with a red jersey and white pants.

The Wildcats are 2-1 when wearing this uniform combination in the past.

In my opinion, this uniform combination would be awesome if if the numbers had a white outline, or the numbers were white with a blue outline. Originally, the numbers were gradient and did have a white outline, but some obscure rule forced the Wildcats to go with solid numbers and for some reason they removed the outline as well.

The white helmets could use a red and blue stripe too. But nonetheless, for this uniform design -- which is horrible -- this is probably one of the better combinations.