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UTSA vs. Arizona: Three keys to a Wildcats victory

It's that time of year again

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With Arizona Wildcats football back, that also means the return of Three Keys!

Last year, it was all about bands from the city of the team UA was playing. This year, it's going to be about an actor/actress from that city.

The city of San Antonio is up first (and again, for the third-straight year), and the first featured lady will be Michelle Rodriguez, who I know from Lost more than anything.

She is now 37 years old, and according to her IMDb, has 36 acting credits to her name. So that's plenty of choices for Three Keys!

1. Fast and Furious

This goes both ways. Not only has Anu Solomon shown this offseason that he has a better grasp of the offense and can really keep it moving, but what will the UTSA offense show us? We found out from Jared at Underdog Dynasty that Larry Coker may be switching to a more uptempo offense, while Arizona has been saying they're preparing based on what they saw last year. If both of these things are true, the defense's success will be based on how it adjusts to being shown a quick Roadrunner offense after not preparing for that all week. The Arizona offense should have no problem being fast, but how furious will it be is the real question.

2. S.W.A.T

Jeff Casteel is famous for sending out the SWAT defense on third-and-long situations, but we've also seen that backfire on more than one occasion. I'm curious to see what that package looks like this year, and how many new faces are in it (like Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles). Keeping UTSA from converting on these situations will be important, or key, to the defense's success

3. Blue Crush

IF the defensive line is any good this year, I would like to be credited with this as the official nickname for Reggie Gilbert and company. UTSA is going to have a redshirt freshman quarterback out there, and as we all learned from last year, when a freshman faces pressure on a regular basis, bad things happen for that team. Generate a decent amount of pass rush on Thursday, and plenty of good things will happen.