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Arizona football countdown: 1 day, look out for Tellas Jones this year

We are so close to football!

Norm Hall/Getty Images

For 50 days now, we've been counting you down to the start of the Arizona Wildcats season.

Well, we've finally made it everyone, and let's spend the last day thinking about someone you might not know about.

Let's talk about Tellas Jones.

Arizona has two guys that wear No. 1 on the field. You might have heard of Cayleb Jones, since he led the team in receiving last year and may be the most talented offensive player on this roster.

But over in the secondary is Tellas Jones. He saw some action last year when Tra'Mayne Bondurant was working his way back, and guys like Jared Tevis and William Parks missed some time due to injuries.

Tellas has primarily been a contributor on special teams in his first two seasons of play, tallying 32 tackles in 26 games. He even had a sack and two tackles for loss last year.

When Tevis missed the second half of the Fiesta Bowl, it gave Tellas some invaluable experience in a game situation, and he responded with four tackles made.

Now heading into this year, Jones has been labeled as the big-hitter in the secondary by guys like Parks and Jamar Allah. He always comes up as the guy that it hurts the most to get covered by when the receivers talk about him.

Jones will get plenty of opportunity to back up some of that talk from teammates and coaches about him, as he's the starting bandit safety, and his backup is Carter Hehr. Hehr is expected to play a similar role that Jones did last year, a special teams ace with some time spent on the SWAT team.

You may get confused by a Jones wearing No. 1 on the field, but don't be. Tellas is here to leave his mark this year.