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Arizona football: Jerrard Randall wants the ball in his hands

This could get interesting quick

Chris Coduto/Getty Images

Before the Arizona Wildcats put Jerrard Randall in at quarterback against NAU, the LSU transfer spent the final drive of the second quarter playing wide receiver after Cayleb Jones was injured.

Last week, Rich Rodriguez had hinted at this possibility, but now it is a full-blown reality that Randall will be playing wide receiver as well as quarterback for the rest of the year.

"Our plan was to put Jerrard at wide receiver, because obviously you can see him run," coach explained after the game. "Our quarterbacks know every skill position, so our plan in the game was to play him at receiver at some point, and we got him in there early, just to kind of use him and keep him in tune with the game, and he'll continue to play wideout as the season goes on."

I spent that entire drive only watching Randall. He may have not run the best routes in the world, but he did get himself open twice. Unfortunately, Anu Solomon never threw him the ball.

"I just got tired of running routes," Randall joked. "Receiver's a tough position to play. You don't get the ball enough. I like to play, but I like to get the ball."

"I talk to (Anu) all the time," he said about his lack of targets.

This doesn't mean the end of Randall at quarterback though either.

"He's more and more comfortable each week," Rodriguez said of Randall at quarterback. "He's an explosive athlete, and he brings a certain dimension. He gets more and more confident with each rep he gets."

He'll need more completions though if he can be a serious threat at quarterback when he comes in. For his college career now, Randall has two completions, and four rushing TDs.

Whether it's coming in as a change-of-pace quarterback, a backup running back, or at wide receiver, expect to see Jerrard Randall on the field making plays as Arizona makes its way through the Pac-12 schedule.