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Arizona football: Anu Solomon near flawless through first three games

These stats don't lie

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

In a quarterback-driven conference, Arizona would only go as far as Anu Solomon takes them. When Anu Solomon struggled last season, the offense was very limited.

This season, that hasn't been the problem. It seems as if Anu Solomon has embraced more of a game manager role, where doing less is actually doing more for this offense.

Through three games, he has yet to thrown an interception, and has a total of 11 touchdowns on the season. Now, it has been against subpar opponents, but it's hard to argue against his success.

He's completed just under 70% of his passes, and holds a passer rating of 168. Last season, he finished with a 130 passer rating. It's quite a notable difference. He joins USC's Cody Kessler as the only quarterback in the nation to throw for 10 touchdowns and no interceptions.

He's done so without two top talents in Trey Griffey and Tyrell Johnson. But the reemergence of Johnny Jackson, a healthy Nate Phillips, and some younger skill guys in Shun Brown and Jonathan Haden has allowed Anu Solomon to run the offense more efficiently than ever before.

Now, by no means is he a Heisman hopeful, but he's been able to manage the game efficiently and lead Arizona to victory. We'll see how he maintains his progression throughout Pac-12 play.