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Predictions for UCLA vs. Arizona

Will Arizona win this game?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Our predictions haven't exactly been difficult to make up to this point this year, as the Arizona Wildcats have been big winners the last two weeks.

But now we've reached hard games, and it doesn't get much tougher than opening Pac-12 play against the UCLA Bruins.

Here are our predictions for the game. Disclaimer: We did these before Myles Jack got hurt

Gabe Encinas: I'm not feeling good about this game. To me, UCLA looks like a playoff team, just three weeks in. They did lose Eddie Vanderdoes, but they still have a bunch of experience on both sides of the ball and Josh Rosen looks like potential first round pick with his IQ and skills. Paul Perkins could spell trouble for Arizona, and I'm not sure how this team will respond to a quality opponent such as UCLA.

Final Score: 37-24 UCLA

David Potts: If Scooby plays, I think Arizona will be able to pull off the victory. But as it currently stands, I think UCLA wins the game 38-35.

Ryan Kelapire: I hate myself for this prediction, but I'll say 31-27 UCLA.

Jason Bartel: I can't believe the other three guys took UCLA. Have some faith! I'm going 34-30 Arizona.

Let us know what your prediction is in the comments! Hopefully we'll soon have an app that lets you pick the score of the game with us like this one: