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UCLA vs. Arizona: Kirk Herbstreit would be shocked if Scooby Wright doesn't play

Some insider info here

Jason Bartel

Immediately after he sat down with Rich Rodriguez and Scooby Wright III, we got a chance to talk to ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, and he offered some insight into Wright's status for Saturday night's game.

"I just was with him, and I'll put it to you this way. If he doesn't play a lot, I'll be shocked," Herbstreit said. "He looks great, and I think there's something about a guy like that getting into the lineup not just impacts his play, but the guys around him, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do."

"He was one of the best guys at pressuring the quarterback last year, and he's a better player this year."

Herbstreit continued on what he's seen from the defense so far this year.

"I think the defense against inferior competition has held up just fine, but now they need him," he said about Scooby. "I think when he had his injury and his surgery, this is what he was kind of pointing to."

Take this as good news Arizona fans.

As an aside, we saw Samajie Grant walk by the union on Friday with a giant brace on his left knee. I would not expect to see him play much, if at all, on Saturday night.