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UCLA vs Arizona: First half impressions

Anu Solomon leaves the half with an apparent head injury

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The defense has been absolutely laughable for Arizona, and some costly turnovers have not helped Arizona gain any ground.

An impressive first drive for the Arizona offense to start the game out, scoring with ease. Some Nick Wilson runs, mixed in with some solid Anu reads, and Arizona was on the board after a 34-yard strike to Nate Phillips.

From there, it kind of went downhill in the first half. Nate Phillips was flagged for celebrating, causing Arizona to kickoff from the 20 yard line, and after a solid return from UCLA, they found themselves at near midfield to open the game.

A bad snap by Bundage led to UCLA another touchdown, giving UCLA two scores in the span of seven seconds. The entire defense is struggling to keep up with the receivers down the field, cover the flats, and wrap up to make a tackle. Paul Perkins is a beast in the backfield, and Arizona can't seem to stop him.

Rosen has a lot of time in the pocket, able to go over the top of the safeties and keep them honest, while mixing in the flats and Paul Perkins to the offensive rolling. There is absolutely no outside contain for Arizona, and Paul Perkins is exposing the defense single handedly.

Jerrard Randall needed to be mixed in on the offense, and after Anu Solomon left the field after taking a knee to the head, in comes Jerrard Randall, touchdown machine. His 39-yard touchdown run was the shortest of his career. When Jerrard Randall took over quarterbacking duties, it showed why he wasn't in contention for the starting role. He overthrew every pass to his receivers and threw an interception directly to a UCLA defender.

Fumbles by Anu Solomon were just Arizona shooting themselves in the foot, giving UCLA the ball in Arizona territory twice, not even giving the Arizona offense a chance to make a play.