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UCLA vs. Arizona: Poor snap over Anu Solomon's head killed all momentum for the Wildcats

The timing of Cayman Bundage's worst career game couldn't have come at a worse time

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

After quickly scoring first to start the game off, Arizona then quickly lost any and all momentum for the first half. They allowed UCLA to march down the field with ease on their opening drive, going five plays for 45 yards in just over two minutes.

On the ensuing drive for Arizona, Cayman Bundage sent a snap over the head of Anu Solomon, giving UCLA the ball inside the Arizona 20. A Paul Perkins rush to the outside for 16 yards quickly changed the tide, giving UCLA a 14-7 lead.

Arizona didn't score on the next three drives, with two punts followed by another fumble, this one possibly due to a communication issue between Solomon and Nick Wilson in the backfield.

"Cayman's been good about that, but tonight he had a couple issues," Rich Rodriguez said after the game. "He gets excited, he's an intense player, but he's been good in the games. Tonight, he just had a couple of 'em."

Arizona ended up trailing in the first half 42-14, with UCLA converting both of Arizona's fumbles into touchdowns.

The killer for Arizona Saturday night was allowing UCLA to hold the ball and march down the field. It was crucial for Arizona to keep UCLA's offense off the field, a strategy popular among Arizona opponents. And once again, it worked, in a big way.