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Predictions for the Arizona vs. UTSA game

How will this game go?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats are set to open their season against the Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners Thursday night.

We offer up our predictions (we all have Arizona winning of course).

Gabe Encinas: UTSA should be pretty bad. They only return five starters and they lost over 35 seniors last year. Arizona is favored by 31, which seems pretty high, but I expect it to be a 27 point win, somewhere along the lines of 37-10, with a halftime score of about 28-3. Anything to push a lead out and rest some of the starters and get the depth involved. These games should essentially be like a preseason game for Arizona.

David Potts: I think we'll score a ton, and UTSA will score less than that. Bill Connelly ranked this UTSA team as the second worst team in FBS, and if we're going to compete for the Pac-12 South crown, this is a team that we have to crush at home. 49 - 24, Arizona wins.

Bryant Conger: Last year, a senior-led UTSA squad nearly upset Arizona in San Antonio. That will not happen this year. UTSA returns just five of the 22 starters that gave the Cats fits in 2014. Expect improved play from Anu Solomon and the entire Arizona team at home against an inexperienced and outmatched Roadrunner team. Arizona will win this game by more than 30 points.

Ryan Kelapire: I'll say Arizona wins 45-17. UTSA players have been angry that so many writers don't give them much of a chance to win this one, but I'm no different. This shouldn't be as tough as last year's game.

Jason Bartel: I think Arizona will have an enormous lead at halftime / early third quarter, and with the third-stringers in, UTSA makes the score look better than what it should have been. I'll go with Arizona 48, UTSA 27.