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Arizona football: The Wildcats are a national leader in explosive rushing plays

Arizona Fast.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats' running game has been at its best in the last four games. With Nick Wilson averaging over six yards per carry, and the burst of excitement from Jerrard Randall and company, Arizona has become one of the most explosive offenses in the nation.

When you break down the number of "long rushing plays" -- anything over 10 yards -- Arizona is ranked in the top-three nationally for rushing plays ranging from 10-70 yards.

Yardage Plays Ranking
10+ Yards 40 T-3rd
20+ Yards 17 1st
30+ Yards 11 1st
40+ Yards 5 T-2nd
50+ Yards 3 T-3rd
60+ Yards 2 T-2nd
70+ Yards 2 T-2nd

Nick Wilson ranks seventh in the nation in rushing yards, with 570 on 86 carries, and tied for ninth in carries per game. He's an absolute work horse, and has elements of Ka'Deem Carey in his game. Meanwhile, Jerrard Randall ranks 22nd in the nation in rushing yards per game, with just over 112 yards per game. He's totaled 337 yards on 22 carries, averaging over 15 yards per carry. With their rushing efforts combined, Arizona is the only program in the nation with two top-25 rushers.

As if that wasn't good enough, Arizona leads the Pac-12 in many offensive categories. Total touchdowns (27), points per game (48.3), first downs (118), yards per game (555), and long rushing plays (40).

With Anu Solomon going down with a concussion, Arizona will have to continue to rely on the run game. Whether it's Wilson, Randall, or even Jared Baker and Orlando Bradford, the bevy of backs will have to pick up some extra slack.