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AZ Desert Swarm Pick 'em Group results: Week one

I'm better at picking games than you

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We here at AZ Desert Swarm are hosting a College Footbal PIck 'em Group this year, and it's not to late to join. If you go here, our group ID# is 7763, and the password is beardown.

Now, for the week one results, where I'm tied for first place, along with Wildcat Radio host Bryant Conger and a couple other of you.

Here's a look:

week one pickem standings

There's plenty of opportunities to make a move this week with some of the interesting matchups on the board, as well as games like Rutgers/WSU and Memphis/Kansas. Those are not interesting. Not even a little bit. But they could make a huge impact on our standings next week, because of course they will.