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Arizona football: Wildcats players react to Jeff Casteel and Bill Kirelawich's departures

How do the players feel about the defensive coaching changes?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With the news of Jeff Casteel and Bill Kirelawich leaving the Arizona Wildcats, it was almost certain that there would be a mixed bag of reactions, even among the players.

There definitely was, and here's what the guys had to say on social media:

Paul Magloire:

DeAndre' Miller:

Reggie Gilbert:

Tevin Hood:

Parker Zellers:

Cody Ippolito:

Tellas Jones:

Sani Fuimaono:

Jeff Worthy:

Jack Banda:

Calvin Allen:

Levi Walton:

Kwesi Mashack:

Kendal Franklin:

Rob Kleifield:

Marcus Griffin:

Incoming recruits reactions:

Justin Holt:

Kahi Neves:

Markell Utsey:

Terrell Burgess:

Jacob Colacion: