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Arizona football depth chart: Samajie Grant makes move to running back

The Wildcats have 13 different offensive positions listed

Hawaii v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With a week off, the Arizona Wildcats coaching staff decided to change things up on the team’s official depth chart.

Here’s a look at the new version ahead of the Homecoming date against the Stanford Cardinal:

The most notable thing is the running back position(s). Samajie Grant is now listed as the co-starter with Zach Green, while Tyrell Johnson has now been moved back to slot behind Shun Brown.

“He’s been almost exclusively at running back,” Rich Rodriguez said of listing Grant as a running back this week. “With everything going on there, at least he gives us an experienced player that we need.”

Rodriguez also said that Johnson has been a bit “banged up” lately. Nick Wilson, who has suffered a new injury, is “out for an extended period of time”.

There’s also a RB/FB position that has been created, where Matt Morin and Jamardre Cobb are listed as co-starters. Cobb has been dealing with a knee injury for the majority of the season.

Also on offense, Christian Boettcher has now taken over left guard from Freddie Tagaloa. This is because of Tagaloa’s lingering health issues. Cedric Peterson is also listed as a starter at wide receiver now.

Anyways, all of this means Arizona’s depth chart now has 13 different offensive positions. So obviously not all of these people can actually start.

On defense, Parker Zellers is back on the depth chart, sharing the starter role with Aiulua Fanene. Michael Barton has moved to the starting MIKE role, while Paul Magloire is now back as the WILL starter. In the secondary, Isaiah Hayes is now listed as a starter with Jarvis McCall at free safety.

All of this makes the running back situation an interesting one to keep an eye on, and if Grant will be effective in that role. It will also be interesting to see if Morin is getting more reps in Arizona’s backfield now that he has at least shown a glimpse of the unique option that he can be.