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Arizona football: Rich Rodriguez’s buyout reportedly just under $9 million

This is a lot of money

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Arizona v Utah Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

As the Arizona Wildcats continue to struggle over the past year and a half, the public outcry for some sort of coaching change has slowly grown.

Since clinching the Pac-12 South against the Arizona State Sun Devils on November 28th, 2014, Arizona has gone just 9-13, including a record of 3-11 against Pac-12 teams.

There’s a lot that goes into a coaching change, and at Arizona, one of the bigger factors is money. And it will cost a lot of money for the Wildcats to get rid of Rich Rodriguez.

How much?

According to USA Today, just shy of $9 million.

The $8,912,500 figure USA Today has pegged to Rodriguez is somehow nowhere near the top of the list in college football. He’s actually 33rd, however Les Miles, who has actually been fired, checks in at No. 31.

Rodriguez isn’t even the highest on the list of coaches in the state of Arizona. Todd Graham would be owed $14,208,333, the 15th-highest mark in the nation. Jimbo Fisher is at the top of the list nationally. He would be owed more than $33 million by Florida State if he were fired without cause.

Arizona’s mark is 7th in the conference, though USC and Stanford do not have to report these numbers because they are private schools.

Greg Byrne has said that the idea of firing Rodriguez right now is “ridiculous”. Surely one of the factors in that comment has to do with this contract.