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Stanford vs. Arizona: Notable stats from the Wildcats’ 34-10 loss

It was not a pretty game for Arizona

Stanford v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats lost an ugly game to the Stanford Cardinal on Saturday, 34-10. And when I say ugly, I mean ugly.

Arizona’s defense actually played quite well for the most part. It was the offense, which is becoming an issue this year, that didn’t hold up its end of the bargain. The offense, especially the passing game, just couldn’t get anything going.

Here are some notable stats that led to the loss at home to the Cardinal.


Arizona’s completions and attempts. This pretty much sums up the whole night. The Wildcats’ quarterbacks usually did not have enough time to stand in the pocket and complete passes, and when they did, the receivers weren’t open for the most part. When you are down to playing a receiver at running back, your passing game has to be there. On Saturday, it wasn’t. That being said, Arizona was 3-for-4 for 94 yards on third down.


Arizona on third down conversions. Arizona wasn’t able to get solid gains on first down for the most part, and that made second and third downs difficult.


Average yards per rush for Arizona. A lack of passing game and 3.9 yards per rush leads to stalled drives. Just not a good game for the offense.

3 and 17

Number of Arizona turnovers and Stanford points off of turnovers. When your offense struggles to get drives going you can’t afford turnovers. Unfortunately for the ‘Cats, that didn’t happen. They lost two fumbles, one on a botched hand-off and the other on a fumbled interception. Brandon Dawkins also overthrew a wide open Shun Brown, and as a result, had the pass intercepted. All turnovers led to some sort of points for Stanford.


Number of sacks for the Arizona offense. Two of the sacks came on first down, which doesn’t help a struggling offense at all. The remaining three came on third down. You know how that goes.