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Arizona Tuesday Twitterbag: Talking Khalil Tate, Utah game and more

What can we expect from the newly-debuted true freshman moving forward?

NCAA Football: Arizona at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully everyone had a happy National Taco Day, which falls on a Taco Tuesday, so tacos should have started raining down from the heavens or something.

Since it is Tuesday, that means another installment of our Tuesday Twitterbag. There were obviously plenty of questions after that really weird game against the UCLA Bruins.

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Let’s get to this week’s edition:

Yeah, I think there’s a chance. Let’s all take a step back and remember that Khalil Tate did what he did on Saturday at the age of 17. Now am I gonna put money on Tate being Arizona’s starting quarterback for the next three years? No. But I do think that now his redshirt has been burned, we will see him take snaps in just about every game for the rest of the year, and not just garbage time snaps. That game experience will put him that much closer to Anu Solomon and Brandon Dawkins next fall, and that much further ahead of Braxton Burmeister at the same time.

The next two weeks will be extremely telling on what exactly the Arizona coaching staff thinks of Tate’s future with the program.

Devon Modster goes to UCLA, so I’m going to assume that you meant Burmeister. It could end up being an interesting dynamic, especially since Burmeister has actually decommitted from Arizona before. Again, we’ll have to wait and see how much Tate actually plays, and how successful he is against a starting defense assuming he does indeed get high-leverage snaps in the coming weeks.

Yes it is. I can’t say that I know specifics, but obviously it’s worse than the original questionable tag he had, and there has been talk within the program that Anu will not be back this year.

As for Marcus Griffin, I think we’ve seen him out there a little bit more the past couple weeks, and the Wildcats are actually rotating seven guys in on the defensive line right now. He picked up a tackle last week, and I’m guessing we’ll see slightly more of him moving forward. However, there are a lot of guys up front taking snaps, so it won’t be a drastic jump.

I think he was on the “hot seat” to start the year. Rich Rodriguez showed last offseason he’s not afraid to get rid of his friends, and special teams — specifically kick return — has been the most consistent weakness this team has had over the last five years. I believe Ragle should be let go. Even if you make the argument for his recruiting ties, are those actually worth it either? None of those Chaparral guys have become stars at this level. You can make the argument that Cody Ippolito is the best Arizona player to come from that school. And now Donte’ Williams and Marcel Yates’ ties have more meaning than Ragle’s in-state ties.

Rodriguez specifically said on Monday that the kickoff return “is the worst in the country”. So he’s well aware of the lack of improvement in that phase, and maybe he’ll actually do something about it after this year.

Yeah, if they lose, it’ll be by less than ten. But you can’t blame me if you lose money because of that sentence.

I’d recommend showing up to Sancet Stadium at 7 am on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning and ask for some pads.

I expect Lauri Markkanen to be great. I believe he will end up somewhere around 25 minutes per game, and in the starting lineup at the four.

You and me both. I downsized my fantasy team stable to one this year, but I’m 0-4 and have scored 50 fewer points than anyone else in the league. The struggle is real.

Gabe’s awful at everything.

Gabe’s dog is some sort of weird myth that only makes a Twitter appearance once every three months. Also, naming your dog after a women’s clothing store is a very questionable decision.