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Arizona vs. Utah game predictions

Will the Wildcats continue their dominance of the Utes?

NCAA Football: Utah at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been well established that the Arizona Wildcats have owned the Utah Utes lately, taking each of the last four meetings between the two teams.

So what are your predictions for this particular meeting? Let us know here, and below are our new prediction standings after a couple of us had to take the L last week thanks to UCLA, and those two obviously haven’t learned their lesson because we’re both picking Arizona again this week.

Gabe Encinas: I believe Khalil Tate gets the start, but I’m not so sure he will be able to put together the complete offensive game that is required when going up against Utah’s defense in their house. That’s just going to happen with a true freshman quarterback and a lot of injuries up front and in the backfield.

The defense has been doing absolutely all they can to stay in the game. I have to give them props, as I feel like I’ve had Arizona losing by 20+ each of the last two weeks due to the defense. It makes you think how much better the defense could have been last week if Paul Magloire and Jarvis McCall got their significant reps.

I think Rich Rodriguez’s run at Utah ends this year.

Utah 31 Arizona 21

Alec Sills-Trausch: In last week’s conference outlook, I wrote that I had Arizona winning this game. Now with Arizona’s QB and RB depth chart looking like a hospital admittance list, I’m not so sure. With the latest injury report all but confirming Nick Wilson and Brandon Dawkins will see little-to-zero playing time, I don’t think U of A pulls it off. If you’re planning on making the trip up to SLC, let me know. You all know how to find me.

Utah 24 - Arizona 17

Drake Horner: With the south trends continuing last week I think Arizona wins this game. Arizona can’t beat UCLA and Utah can’t beat Arizona. I guess it is what it is at this point.

Mike C. Paulus: Everyone is talking about Khalil Tate, as if he's the answer to everything that ails this year’s squad. Tate can make plays, so the offense should be able to score against Utah. However, the Arizona defense is too undersized to stop the Utah attack. The Utes will conjure memories of past ineptitude against Arizona and play with their hair, and the scoreboard, on fire.

Utah 48 - Arizona 21

Steve Apter: If Khalil Tate starts or gets meaningful reps, Arizona could get a boost.

In 2015 as a true freshman, Lamar Jackson had only a 48% completion percentage in his first three starts against FBS competition. However, he eclipsed 100 yards rushing twice, and averaged 81 yards/game to buoy Louisville to better-than-expected performances against good football teams - a win at NC State, two close losses while at Auburn and hosting Houston. Tate could keep Arizona in this game with his legs even if he's still refining his approach as a passer.

The best interior defensive line in the Pac-12 suddenly looks a lot different after Kylie Fitts suffered a season-ending injury against BYU and Lowell Lotulelei injured his shoulder two weeks ago against USC. Lotulelei and Fitts were considered preseason All-Conference candidates. Dawkins or Tate will put pressure on a banged up defensive front for Utah to manufacture a few scores in a tough environment where they might be held under two scores otherwise.

Utah 30 - Arizona 24

Ryan Kelapire: I liked what I saw from Khalil Tate against UCLA, but asking a 17-year-old true freshman to win a Pac-12 road game against a top-25 team is a little too much. And it’s not like he’ll have a healthy supporting cast either, as Arizona’s injury report this week is kind of ridiculous.

If Dawkins starts, I think the Wildcats would have a better chance of winning, but it looks like Tate will be the guy, so I have the Utes snapping their losing streak against Arizona.

Utah 34, Arizona 21

Brandon Combs: Arizona has had Utah’s number during the Rich Rod era and I believe that will continue. Utah may have the 20th-best scoring defense in the nation, but they have had trouble corralling dual-threat QBs. Evidence of that was their game against BYU.

And Tate may be 17 but he looked composed in his first career appearance, on the road in Pasadena no less. The defense has gotten better every game. I expect the defense to shut Utah’s offense down and for Arizona’s offense to have a solid game.

Arizona: 35 - Utah: 21

Jason Bartel: I went with the Arizona pick last weekend against UCLA, but I’m sticking with the Cats again this week. I just can’t bring myself to pick a Whittingham-coached team to beat a Rodriguez-coached team until I actually see it happen in real life. Obviously having a true freshman at quarterback, a wide receiver at running back, and half the offensive line out will make things more difficult for Arizona, but I’m still going to go with them in this one purely based on a four-year sample size of these Wildcat/Utes games.

Arizona 31 - Utah 27