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Arizona vs Utah: Clutch punt, safety turned the tide for the Utes against the Wildcats

The momentum shifted after a big Utah stop.

NCAA Football: Arizona at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats got the lead early against the Utah Utes and the defense was looking very poised.

That all changed in one quick sequence though.

Arizona was up 14-3 and had just gotten a stop with 6:56 left in the second quarter. Utah punter Mitch Wishnowsky pinned the Wildcats down at the two yard line, with one of his many amazing punts throughout the game.

It turned into Khalil Tate’s first drive of the game, after Brandon Dawkins was banged up and it ended up with the true freshman getting stuffed on second down in the endzone.

Utah then got the ball back and drove 47 yards down the field while milking out most of the clock for the half.

Dawkins came back in and led a drive that ended in a 52-yard field goal that was missed by Josh Pollack to end the half. Dawkins, who obviously wasn’t playing healthy, had two drives in the 3rd quarter before he was knocked out of the game after a shot to the head. Tate then took over for good. He finished 5-of-9 for 108 yards, a TD, and an interception.

But after the safety, Utah outscored Arizona 31-9. Just one small sequence of plays turned the entire game in favor of the Utes.