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Arizona vs. Oregon State game predictions

Do you think the Wildcats will win their first conference game?

Oregon State v Arizona Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats still have not won a conference game this year, leaving them as one of less than a handful of Power Five Conference teams with that distinction.

However, the Cats face the Pac-12 North’s worst team, the Oregon State Beavers, on Saturday. So will the number in the win column finally change for Arizona this week? Let us know what you think as we give our predictions below.

Alec Sills-Trausch: As Arizona heads to Corvallis for the game we’ve been waiting for the entire season *pause...that was sarcasm*, we’ll get to see what is likely the two worst teams in the Pac-12 Conference. I’m not sure what else there is to say other then, strap in and get ready for something not too pretty to be seen on the gridiron.

Oregon State 21 - Arizona 17

Drake Horner: This game might be competitive which is exciting. It’s sad that I’ve resorted to just hoping for close games, but it’s just what it is at this point. Arizona showed flashes of a good offense against a good Colorado defense. Still not enough to pick a win, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Oregon State 35 - Arizona 31

Steve Apter: Arizona has struggled most this season against prolific passers like Luke Falk or Sam Darnold. Oregon State does not have this type of passing game and will be further crippled by the loss of receiver Seth Collins, who was hospitalized with an undisclosed illness earlier this week. Collins accounts for 24% of the Beaver’s passing offense.

For the first time this season, Arizona will be facing a Pac-12 opponent that allows more rushing yards per game than they do (OSU has allowed 228 ypg, 112th in the nation). The Beavers love to blitz with multiple linebackers, and while blitz protection has been an issue this year for the Wildcats, it shows up more in the passing game, and not as much when they pound the rock. I fully expect Arizona to lean heavily on the legs of Samajie Grant and Brandon Dawkins (who have spearheaded the nation's 29th-best rushing attack) to a victory.

Arizona 27 - Oregon State 21

Brandon Combs: Arizona has struggled this year, no doubt about that. However, this week I believe they turn it around. Oregon State doesn't have the best run defense (112th in the nation), so I expect Arizona to run it down their throats. The Wildcats have struggled in pass protection and Oregon State loves to blitz. Arizona has to use short passes to keep the ball moving along with the run game. Since Oregon State doesn't have a strong pass game I believe the defense stops the Beaver offense consistently.

Arizona 42 - Oregon State 28

David Stevenson: Washington State beat Arizona by 62 points and Oregon State by four points. Therefore Oregon State will beat Arizona.

Oregon State 27 - Arizona 10

Jason Bartel: No way I can pick Arizona to win a game the rest of the way, no matter how bad the Beavers are. Sure, OSU’s offense isn’t great, but this is the kind of defense that allows offenses to find their groove.

Oregon State 34 - Arizona 20

Ryan Kelapire: This is certainly the most winnable game Arizona has had since its last win, but I still don’t like their chances. I think the Beavers are the better team and playing at home only helps. There’s nothing we’ve seen in the last few weeks that would lead me to believe that Arizona is capable of beating a Pac-12 team on the road.

Oregon State 31 - Arizona 27