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Territorial Cup 2016: ASU tight end Kody Kohl wants Arizona to remember him

Some guy with seven catches calling out the Wildcats’ defense

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NCAA Football: Oregon at Arizona State Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Rivalry Week...oh how wonderful you are.

Some call it hate week, and sometimes that’s the better name for it, like in this case, with Arizona State Sun Devils tight end Kody Kohl:

"Man, I hate this school,'' Kohl said of the Arizona Wildcats to AZ Central on Tuesday. "To be honest, I grew up bleeding maroon and gold, so we've always hated that place. I don't even like going down there."

I’ll be honest, I have no idea who Kody Kohl is. And why don’t I? Probably because the dude has seven catches for 93 yards this year. 67 of those yards and two of those catches came against Texas Tech.

But he’s ready to make us remember him.

"This is my last go-around during the season,'' he said. "We'll probably get a bowl game, which will be great, but this is the last time I get to go against U of A, and I want to make them remember me, for sure."

But wait. It gets better.

"A lot of people seem to be running all over them,'' Kohl added about Arizona’s defense. "People are being aggressive and knocking them over and things like that. I think they do have some good skill, and they might have some good coaches, but I haven't seen too much out of them."

Oh, and Tim White is all about that criticism life too.

"There's a lot of holes everywhere on the field,'' White said. "We just want to exploit that."

At least White has 52 catches and 644 yards this year.

If a guy that has five catches and 26 yards over the course of ten games actually makes us remember him, that’s fine. But I’m guessing he’ll feel it a little bit more on Friday night for these comments.

Thank you Doug Haller for getting these quotes.