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AZ Desert Swarm College Football Pick’em Week 12 results

A big lead now

UCLA v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We’re in the homestretch of college football, with just two weeks left.

Thanks to last week’s games, we now have a bit of separation at the top of our Pick’em leaderboard.

Here’s a look at the new standings:

Eckaz1 picked a bad week to have one of the lowest scores in the group, allowing drewg9 to take a nine-point lead heading into Rivalry Week.

There were a lot of big point weeks, but congrats to CatinMI and cgcgolfer27 for having the biggest of weeks, notching 48.

This week has plenty of big games among the ten to pick. Three of the ten games involve Pac-12 teams (USC/Notre Dame, Oregon/OSU, and Utah/Colorado), and a bonus western game with the Wyoming/New Mexico showdown in the Mountain West.

Still want to join the group? Search for AZ Desert Swarm in ESPN’s College Football Pick’em game, or try and click this link.

Maybe Rivalry Week will tighten things up just a little bit at the top of the leaderboard heading into the Conference Championship games. We did see the overall gap close just a bit, so there’s always hope if you can get those confidence picks in the right order.