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Territorial Cup recap: An untimed down and Samajie Grant leap changed Arizona’s fortunes

Samajie was the clear leader of this team, and his play sparked an offensive onslaught

Arizona State v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

After a disappointing season, the Arizona Wildcats hosted the Arizona State Sun Devils in Tucson Friday night. Any fear of a tryptophan hangover was quickly put to rest after an opening possession score by the Wildcats. That was hardly the game changing play, however.

At 7:56 of the first quarter, Brandon Dawkins was strip-sacked. To compound matters, the Sun Devil defense scooped up the loose ball and returned it for a touchdown. The Wildcats next possession ended with a missed pass interference call on third down and five. Things looked bleak.

Arizona’s defense prevented the land slide and got the ball back to the offense. Stagnation and ineptitude continued its season-long pattern. But then something crazy happened.

There was a defensive penalty against the Sun Devils as the time ran out on the first quarter. Since a quarter cannot end on a penalty, the Arizona offense was given an untimed down. Samajie Grant went Superman on a run out of the backfield and hurdled an Arizona State defender.

It was an ill-advised move from a personal health and security standpoint, but it fired up the Arizona faithful and lit the fuse under the Arizona offense. A couple plays later, Dawkins shook off the ASU defense and turned Beast Mode into a Black Friday affair in the desert. From there, Wildcats were storming their way to the end zone all night long.

Thanks to the Arizona seniors for their effort and hard work throughout their careers. Bear Down.