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Arizona vs. Washington State final score: Five takeaways from the Wildcats’ embarrassing 69-7 loss to Cougars


NCAA Football: Arizona at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

That was awful.

Right from the start, the Arizona Wildcats were outmatched in every way possible by the Washington State Cougars on Saturday, resulting in a 24-0 deficit after the first quarter.

It never got better, and the coaching staff seemed to throw in the towel before the game even reached halftime. The final score? 69-7. Nice.

So, here are five takeaways from a game that I would have rather not watched in the slightest:

1. This team will more than likely not win a Pac-12 game

I’ve been holding out hope that Arizona would win a conference game even after this slow start, but I no longer have that hope. The only thing that could derail that is the weirdness of the Territorial Cup. This is not a team that can win on the road, so even though it’s just Oregon State left, Arizona won’t win that one.

Luke Falk nearly set the Pac-12 record for most consecutive completions, and seems to have set the new mark of highest completion percentage (minimum 15 attempts) against an Arizona defense with his 32-of-35 statline, good for 91.4%. The 69 points allowed are the most Arizona’s ever given up in a Pac-10/12 game.

2. Special teams continue to be the worst

I’m still unsure what Charlie Ragle does during the week exactly. I really am. Matt Morin didn’t start making noise until he was taken out of the tight ends room. The special teams continue to get progressively worse each week. And how are those Arizona recruiting ties he supposedly has?

Of WSU’s first three punt returns, the SHORTEST one was 26 yards. Their fourth punt return only went for 14 yards. When’s the last time Arizona had a 26-yard punt return?

3. Someone at Arizona Athletics needs to learn how to use Tweetdeck better

4. Arizona’s QBs have no field awareness

The most concerning thing about last week’s game for me was how Brandon Dawkins would not get to the line of gain for first downs, and would instead either seek out contact or go down earlier than needed.

Well, Anu Solomon decided to one up him this week with this play:

Solomon then had Arizona deep in the redzone on another drive, but was running with the ball way out at his side, had it stripped, and gave the Cougars the ball back. It’s frustrating to watch players get worse, but that’s what has happened with Anu. His first year as a starter, the big thing was his ball security and not making bad decisions. Now that’s kind of what he does.

5. I’m shocked I got four

This game was so bad. But hey, an 8 PM kickoff against Colorado is coming next week. I’m sure tons of people will be there to see it.