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Arizona vs Washington State: Wildcat players of the game

The worst performance under Rich Rodriguez

NCAA Football: Arizona at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats got embarrassed by the Washington State Cougars Saturday afternoon, and there weren’t a whole lot of positives, if any at all.

That made it extremely difficult to pick players of the game for each phase. The offense couldn’t get anything going, the defense was getting shredded by Luke Falk, and the special teams continues to suffer.

Offense: Cam Denson

It’s about time Cam Denson saw the field. He got so much praise this offseason and he has barely been in the rotation all season. He caught the long ball touchdown from Anu Solomon, the lone touchdown of the day.

Denson ended the day with four receptions for 77 yards and a touchdown.

The offense just won’t be able to produce behind this offensive line. The quarterbacks in the system aren’t making good decisions. You also have no running backs. No coach can make this offense better right now.

Defense: Paul Magloire

He seemed to be the only performer on defense. Paul was reacting in the middle of the field and putting himself in position to drag ball carriers down. He ended the day with 15 total tackles, 12 solo.

The defensive line just couldn’t get anything going, being well undersized against Washington State’s offensive line. The secondary was getting shredded without any pressure up front and committed a lot of poor penalties.

It was a little disappointing to see Marcel Yates only bring three on the rush and drop everyone else back. It just didn’t make sense. Especially when you allow 38 points through the first half.

Special teams: None

Washington State was frequently kicking touchbacks, which honestly probably helps Arizona more as they don’t risk any fumbles or poor field position.

Meanwhile, Washington State was getting all the great field position off of all of Arizona’s punts. Washington State averaged 27 yards a return.

Josh Pollack eventually got replaced on both kickoff and punt.

Special teams is absolutely awful. Kickoff, kick return, punt, and punt return.