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Arizona vs. Washington State: Grading the Wildcats

Not a good game in any way, shape, or form

Arizona v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

The 69-7 shellacking that Wazzu gave the Arizona Wildcats was the worst team performance under Rich Rodriguez. There was literally zero positive that came out of it. Every time there was some form of momentum or positivity, a penalty or a bad play killed it.

Quarterbacks: F

From the get-go, quarterback play looked like it would be decent. Then an ineligible player downfield penalty wiped away a 75-yard touchdown catch by Nate Phillips. Everything went downhill from there.

In the second series of the game for Arizona, Brandon Dawkins threw an interception deep in Arizona territory that set up a Washington State touchdown. He did have some nice runs, but was ineffective throwing the ball.

Anu Solomon then came in. He moved the offense down the field until he started making mistakes. Twice he ran past the line of scrimmage with large holes in front of him and he lateraled the ball backward. Then when he moved Arizona deep into Wazzu territory and into the red zone, he fumbled the ball. Inevitably, the Cougars recovered the fumble. He did have a nice 47-yard touchdown pass to Cam Denson.

Khalil Tate came in and had some nice runs but threw an interception in the end zone to end the game. He also overthrew two wide open receivers.

Overall, Arizona’s quarterbacks were 11-for-23 for 128 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions.

Running Backs: C+

Samajie Grant did the best that he could. He had some really nice runs and showed some great hops. But when your offensive line allows the defensive front seven to blast through the line, it’s hard to have a breakout game.

I believe Grant is a good option at running back, but the offensive line HAS to play better. Zach Green also had a nice 23-yard run.

Wide Receivers: B

The receivers did the best they could to get open and actually succeeded in doing so. However, when your quarterbacks overthrow you when you’re wide open, it’s tough to catch the ball.

Cam Denson had a really nice touchdown catch down the field. Trey Griffey also had a nice catch that was, for whatever unknown reason, reviewed and called an incomplete pass.

Really couldn’t have asked for much more from the receivers.

Offensive Line: F

The majority of the problems on offense start up front. I’m not sure what is happening but the offensive line is not playing well at all. They allowed five sacks and 10...10 TFLs. I believe that’s all I have to say about that.

Defensive Line: C-

The defensive line tried, I mean they TRIED, to get to the quarterback. They just couldn’t penetrate the Cougar offensive line enough. It was rough for them and only rushing three all game did not help matters at all.

Linebackers: C+

The linebacker play was actually disappointing. DeAndre’ Miller didn’t make much noise at all but holy moly did Paul Magloire. He finished the game with 15 tackles, 12 solo. As a matter of fact, he was really the only bright spot in the linebacker corps.

Secondary: F

I mean...I’m at a loss for words really. Penalties. Wide open receivers.

Good news is Isaiah Hayes, Tristan Cooper, and Anthony Mariscal are all going to be great players as early as next year.

Special Teams: F

Again...I’m at a loss for words. Just a really, REALLY dark blotch on this year.