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Scooby Wright and Cayleb Jones measurements at the NFL Combine

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Let's find out how well Arizona's two draft hopefuls did at the combine this weekend

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The Arizona Wildcats have two participants in the NFL Combine with Cayleb Jones and Scooby Wright. Both are Rich Rodriguez products and this could be the first of many Arizona-filled combines. The two had great performances in some of the biggest tests in their life.

Now we wait for Arizona's Pro Day and then accurate mock drafts will start rolling out. For now, we'll take a look at both of their combine results and see how they stacked up to those in their position.

Cayleb Jones

In 2015, Cayleb Jones hauled in 55 throws for 904 yards, adding five touchdowns. Compare that to his 2014 season, where he caught 73 passes for 1019 yards and nine touchdowns. A small dip in production, but still serviceable considering the down year Arizona faced.

Most draft sites have him ranked as a top 25 receiver in the class, going anywhere from the 4th to 6th round.

He measured in at 6-3 209lbs, with a 32.75-inch arm length and 9.25-inch hand measurement. He posted a strong 40-time, and that seemed to be his biggest question mark heading into the draft. He has the size and athleticism, but whether he could get by corners was what some scouts were wondering.

His bench press was extremely disappointing, putting up only nine reps. Given his size, I would have thought that he would have been a lot stronger. He also posted a fairly strong vertical jump and 3-cone drill. His shuttle times were just below average. I would have thought that Cayleb would have helped himself in the combine, but it seems as if this is kind of a wash.

*parenthesis indicate rank among participants, DNP = Did Not Participate

40-time Bench press Vertical jump Broad jump 3-cone drill 20-yard shuttle 60-yard shuttle
4.65 (7/37) 9 reps (34/36) 33.5 inches (24/41) DNP 6.99 seconds (13/28) 4.14 seconds (20/28) 11.46 seconds (11/19)

Scooby Wright

Scooby Wright is a big mystery for scouts, with some analysts having him as a top 20 talent, yet thinking he will slide down into the second and third rounds. Sure, he's coming off multiple injuries from this season, leaving him with less than two games worth of film, but he came back strong in the New Mexico Bowl.

Going off sophomore film isn't favorable, but he swept the national award circuit and won Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year as a true sophomore.

He measured in at 6-0 239lbs, down 15 pounds from the New Mexico Bowl. His arm length came in at 30.5 inches and hands at 9.75 inches.

He had one of the worst 40 times among linebackers, but during the combine interviews, he had this to say. "You don’t have 31 tackles (for loss) by being slow." That's true, and the 40 isn't the most important statistic, but prior to the combine Scooby was hoping to be in the 4.60-4.70 range.

Wright did prove to be one of the stronger linebackers of the bunch, ranking 5th, putting up 225lbs 22 times. His vertical and broad jump were below average.

But this shouldn't be a concern. Scooby has never been a speed rusher kind of guy. Watching the combine, he was one the thickest, strongest guys of the group. He's a guy who plays off natural instincts and smarts, overpowering his opponents. If these measurements affect his draft stock, a team will be getting a steal the longer he drops.

Let's face it, Scooby is just here to play football. "Because, honestly, I really don’t like doing this stuff and I love playing football," Wright said in pre-combine interviews.

40-time Bench press Vertical jump Broad jump 3-cone drill 20-yard shuttle 60-yard shuttle
4.90 (27/31) 22 reps (5/28) 31 inches (20/32) 113 inches (25/32) DNP 4.47 seconds (12/20) DNP