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Arizona football news and notes: Rich Rodriguez and Marcel Yates talk Wildcats' defense

The new coaching staff has done what it set out to do

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Wildcats set to finish spring practice on Friday, it's time to wonder if the coaching changes and practice tweaks have paid off in the ways Rich Rodriguez set out for them to.

After Monday's practice, he was (predictably) not in a great mood as the team was "stagnant" after more than a week off. He also didn't seem too overjoyed to have Anu Solomon back on the field after Arizona's starting quarterback had missed some time with a hamstring injury.

*You can also see Brandon Dawkins throwing some balls in the background if you're interested

In there, he also talks about the defense's progress as a whole under the new staff. So I asked Marcel Yates about just that, and if he has seen what he's wanted to see as the program's new defensive coordinator.

Yates also spent some time talking about Paul Magloire. Magloire had an interesting spring break, as he went to Washington D.C., New York City, and, wait for it, Graceland.

He's apparently a big Elvis fan, and might break out some Elvis dance moves for sack dance celebrations next year.

We can only hope.